Remnant Privacy

Sovereignty Through Privacy Oriented Technologies


01 / Privacy First Commerce

Privacy First Commerce provides businesses and individuals with tools and services to integrate privacy-focused solutions into their operations. 

02 / Consulting Services

Consulting services help individuals & businesses ensure they are following best practices for data privacy. The services include privacy audits and assessments, which identify risks and provide recommendations for remediation. 

03 / Privacy Products

Privacy products are designed to help businesses & individuals protect their personal information and sovereignty. 


Our Story

Remnant Privacy was created in early 2023 against a backdrop of data intrusions against the individual by state and corporate actors. We empower our customers with profession consultations and privacy products.

Our Vision

Our vision at Remnant Privacy is to empower individuals to take control of their data and financial privacy. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and it is the individual´s responsibility to protect it.

Our Services

From privacy first products to detailed consultations, Remnant Privacy provides the tools and technologies you need to stay ahead of intrusive monitors in the ever changing landscapes of this modern world.

Those on the path to securing their place generationally in the world by taking advantage of an emerging mathematical technology. At a special time in history, where physics meets opportunity, individuals will rationally choose to store their wealth in the monetary system which is hardest to inflate, infiltrate and corrupt. This monetary system will inevitably become the dominant method of communicating value across space and time.



We can help get you started in your journey to reclaiming sovereignty, whether you're a freelancer, start-up or enterprise company, we have the tools and knowledge to assist.


Geographic and geopolitical climates are changing quickly, our team has diverse experience and networks in a wide range of fields to address and meet your needs. 

Privacy Focused Products

We are a reliable source of the best privacy focused hardware available. Working close with manufacturers and suppliers globally. 


Technology itself is a tool of empowerment. We leverage the strength of technology with free and open protocols to provide reclamation of your power, bridging the digital to the physical world.