Remnant Privacy

How to Bitcoin

Part 1. Introduction & Course Overview

Welcome to the How to Bitcoin beginner´s guide by Remnant Privacy. Firstly, congratulations on taking the initiative to begin this course. You are already ahead of most. Not all will have the endurance to complete this guidebook and all its corresponding action steps, but those who do will become Bitcoin-literate, and have the skills and tools at their disposal to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing, technological world. We believe you have what it takes. Do you?

This course is designed to be as concise and linear as possible, and will lead you from point A to point Z, without confusion.

By providing this course for free, we gain access to more customers, who may not otherwise be capable of purchasing our products. Additionally, our shared goal of a world of sovereign financing and internet privacy advances with each new member of the Bitcoin economy. Finally, if you wish to thank us at the end of the course, you may choose to make an optional donation to Remnant Privacy, or purchase one of our valuable privacy products.

The course will be broken up into short, digestible chapters for ease of learning and reference. We recommend having $100 worth of fiat available to practice purchasing Bitcoin.

Thank you to all the third parties, who´s work has been featured in this course.

Course Overview: