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Part 5. How do you buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin the right way requires a bit of knowledge. The first time you do so, you may find it confusing or challenging, but once you´ve got this skill in your toolkit it becomes a very simple task. In this section, we´ve recommended two techniques. One is peer-to-peer, and the other is through a unique exchange, which unlike others is non-custodial in nature (the Bitcoin goes straight into your wallet without a middle man). Let´s go! (Peer-to-Peer)

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How to buy Bitcoin on

Recommended Hodlers (Canada)


PepeLapiu is the number one Canadian trader on He is quick to respond, experienced, and unique in that he has a non-KYC option for customers, and an automated trading bot which supports a very low 4.9% trade rate. Payment options include: eTransfer, cash (Alberta), cash deposit

Bull Bitcoin (Recommended Exchange)

How to buy Bitcoin on