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De-Googled Pixel 4 (GrapheneOS) 64GB


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This de-Googled Pixel 4 is powered by GrapheneOS. This secure device is ready-to-go out of the box, with alternative app stores and best privacy applications like Signal, Wire, Telegram, Protonmail, and BlueWallet pre-installed.

We recommend the anonymous eSIMs from, which we can install for you. Our installation service is free; additional costs go towards your desired eSIM option. The US+1 eSIM is especially useful for creating an anonymous long-term Telegram or Signal account, but the numberless eSIM is more economical.

For detailed specifications of the phone itself, click here.

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Black, White, Orange




None, Numberless eSIM ($13), US Identity eSIM ($80), UK Identity eSIM ($98)

1 review for De-Googled Pixel 4 (GrapheneOS) 64GB

  1. Michael Thomspon

    This spy phone is amazing. I literally have no sim card, no attachment to my ID, everything works even my VOIP phone, SIgnal, Telegram, and protonmail. Plus the use of data cost is a small fraction of a regular cel phone with a sim card.

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